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What our cloud PBX Virtual Receptionist offers you

Do you find hard to handle the lots of calls coming to your office? Or worrying about those important calls which may be business leads, going unattended?

Knowlaris’ Virtual Receptionist is the right choice to convert your worries to great business opportunities. All calls coming to you will be satisfactorily responded, while you are not in a position to attend those important calls.

Customers can call you in your special Virtual Receptionist number and, in your absence, will get a customized greeting on your behalf. This welcome note can be in the language of the region from where the customer is calling. Your Virtual Receptionist, just like a real person at the reception desk, will direct the customer to convey to you what he/she wants to communicate.

Virtual Receptionist will give your customer a menu of options to select from. Or the customer will be connected to an agent of his/her choice. Customer can leave a voice mail too. All this can be done through a web panel accessible from your smartphone. You can manage the numers, access logs and recordings, listen to voicemails and adjust your call settings from this panel.

Choose your Virtual Receptionist number

You can select your own business contact number. Be it your lucky number, or a toll-free, local, or international number. Choice is yours. If you want to retain one of your present numbers your customers are familiar with, we can port it too.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Virtual Receptionist’s IVR achieves almost complete automation of the customers’ telephone interactions with your CRM system in a cost-effective way. And you never miss a business offer again.

Real-Time Analytics

Virtual Receptionist means full control over your existing phone system. It is integrated easily into your system. You can get all your incoming call record any time. Instant notifications for unattended calls.

CRM, JustDial, SMS Integration

Virtual Receptionist easily integrates with your present CRM like FreshDesk, Salesforce or Zendesk, making it more useful to you. Customers find your business in JustDial and such business leads are instantly included in your contact list. You can provide option in the JustDial window to call you instantly too. SMSs your Virtual Receptionist receive will be collected and you can access it through email too.

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