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What our client says

“vBooster really boosts our business. It’s cost-effective and saves a lot of man hours in our company too.”

Founder Brix

“vBooster provides you excellent solutions to deal with the different facets of customer action”

CEO Qlikz India

Visitor to your site places an order

Online sellers are always happy to receive orders. But giving a confirmation to each customer through manual calling may not be practical, since it involves spending of a lot of costly man hours. Sending SMS is too mechanical and your customer will not be much amused by your lack of personalized approach. Sometimes, text messages go unnoticed too.

Knowlaris offers you vBooster – a cloud-automated confirmation system – to confirm the order just placed by your online client. vBooster is an automated confirmation tool, which reduces your confirmational costs considerably.

Visitor to your site doesn’t complete the transaction and leaves!

Your customer doesn’t complete a transaction? Don’t worry; vBooster will make an automated call to him/her and regain the transaction. With vBooster, not only calling-effort but cost too can be saved up to 80%. It’s on cloud, so it’s effortlessly scalable. With vBooster, it’s pretty easy to handle your customers’ failed transactions.

Payment gateway may fail, but your sales won’t be affected. If your customer’s bid to pay you failed at the bank portal, our automated tool will give him/her alternate payment options, preventing them from leaving your site without buying. You don’t need additional hardware for making avail of this solution.

Customer orders your product, but fails to receive it

The customer orders your product, but fails to receive it when your courier agent delivers it at his/her doorstep or workplace. To avoid this inconvenience and loss, especially if it is COD, vBooster will call the customer just before the product leaves your store. Customer’s readiness and avalilability to receive the package will be confirmed in advance. Every operation is executed in the cloud. We will also check whether the product is delivered in time and in good condition.

vBooster will also handle your Subscriptions

If you also do business through subscriptions, vBooster will be of great help to you. With vBooster, you can easily confirm periodic payments and service details for your subscription service. If the subscriber fails to make due payment in time, vBooster will make automated call reminders. If he/she fails to pay and gets unsubscribed, this automated tool will make calls in fixed intervals, informing options of re-subscribing. It also takes customer feedbacks.

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