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Cloud PRI

Affordable & Advanced – the cloud PRI

No need to wait for weeks as in traditional PRI deplyment, Tocaso offers instant PRI deployment. With Cloud PRI, you don’t need to procure server, PRI card, IT software & Support, You can track caller performance via tocaso reports.

Cloud PRI will consistently make calls and will improve efficiency of calling process for your business. Manual calling process might be barrier to your business growth. Tocaso researched ongoing business issues in business calling process and came up with the amazing dialler solution.

Cloud PRI - a bird’s eye view

Recording, routing, forwarding and tracking all the calls that flow to your company and go from your company are now pretty easy. The cloud PRI, dialler solution, is here. It is a comprehensive business phone system exclusively for yours. You will no longer need to spend lot of money for a call centre, EPABX machine, or a number of workers to attend calls. All that you need in lieu is a Cloud PRI, Dialler that Tocaso provides you.

What Cloud PRI will do for you?

  • Bestow a highly-professional, high throughput calling dialler solution
  • See to it that business leads are never lost
  • Improves effectiveness of calling process
  • Track and analyze the calls & caller performance
  • Answer calls with a professional & personal touch

Easy to Configuration

Setting up, configuring and updating Tocaso Cloud PRI is quick and easy. With this, you can calls to various customers, suppliers, partners, or to specialized agents by just loading excel sheet. This gives an impression of a big company.

Call Recording

Facilities for call-recording, many calls at the same time, caller identification, Email and text message notifications for the calls made by your Cloud PRI, online call reports are some of the features we offer.

Call Routing

Cloud PRI route calls not only to various extensions but also simultaneously to your office, residence and mobile device. It also allows to upload your message as a custom audio greeting.

Real Time Report

Real-time dashboard of Cloud PRI tracks and analyzes all the calls received and dialled. It gives a good understanding of the trends in your business.

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