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MDIRECT for your business

mDirect is a mobile service that offers an easy and innovative substitute to regular messages that are sent with gifts and cards. Florists, gift-sellers and similar businesses can offer their customers the facility to send pre-recorded voice greetings and messages, along with the product, to the recipients.

Businesses can use the magic of mDirect to enhance customer satisfaction. Just hire our mDirect service and declare it on your website. Leave the rest to us. We will see prompt delivery of the messages and secure their privacy. You can make it a paid service or a loyalty encouragement to your clients.

Give Voice to Your Customer’s Feelings

Sound has its own strength, and it is clearly more personal than the written letters. mDirect will empower your customers to use the vigor and power of sound to entice their dear ones’ minds. The businesses can use mDirect to attract and retain customers.

mDirect enables your customers to adorn their gifts with their voice. Your customer orders flowers or gifts, and you send it to the recipient, with a voice message from the sender attached to it. The beauty of mDirect is complemented with security too. Knowlaris will ensure ultimate privacy for the message content. So the customers can courageously pour out the deepest feelings in their heart to their loved ones.

More Customers and More Business

mDirect will provide an unmatched, personalized experience to your direct customers as well as those who receive the gifts. This will help you in retaining your existing customers. The recipients enthralled by the magic of mDirect may also turn to be your customer.

Simple Procedure

Just buy mDirect and install it on your website, and leave the rest to us. We’ll see to it that messages are delivered promptly in a secure manner.

When the sender makes a request for voice message, your website takes his/her phone number and the number of the intended receiver. It will be passed to mDirect API. Next, the sender can call the mDirect number and record his/her message. The sender can repeat if he/she is not satisfied with the previous ones. When the intended person receives the gift, he/she can dial the mDirect number on the giftcard and listen to the recorded message from the sender repeatedly.

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