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Hosted IVRS


Hosted IVR makes you communicate with your clients in the professional manner. It caters to all your telephony needs: recording, routing, tracking, queing, etc. Hosted IVR also provides features like smart autopilot. It can be tailored too suit your company’s specialized requirements. Since Tocasos’ IVRs are built with IVR visual studio and Python programming language, call flows are easily designed and easily understandable to the customer.

Hosted IVRs – a bird’s eye view

To fulfill the business processes, you need to-and-fro communication with your clients. You will have to tailor the call flows too. Hosted IVR is the perfect solution for you.

Hosted IVR operates from a dependable cloud-computing platform. You need not have a dedicated server. Tocaso will arrange the hosting server for you. It’ll be always at your service, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. If you switch from your in-house system to Tocasos’ hosted IVRs, it will be much cost-effective and will add to the efficiency of your office.


  • Bestow a highly-professional, big-sized company appearance
  • See to it that business leads are never missed
  • Make your phone number your persona
  • Track and analyze the calls
  • Answer calls with a personal touch

Auto Calling

Don’t get panic when the number of calls exceeds your handling capacity. Hosted IVR’s autoscalling feature will come to your rescue.

Virtual Phone Number

Tocaso’s experienced person will customize Hosted IVR to meet your special needs. We provide you a virtual phone number to operate intricate IVR actions. Customers can get the facilities of digit capture, voice capture, sound play, call transfer, etc.

Multiple number

Tocasos’ IVR solutions are perfect for both outgoing and incoming calls. We will provide you multiple phone numbers for IVR flows. We’ll also provide APIs or screen inputs via web app login.

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