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Hosted IVRS

Hosted IVR Features

Our Hosted IVR (interactive voice response system), with its robust cloud telephony platform, is perfectly capable to fulfill all your telephony needs. With this sophisticated IVR, you can automate your call centers and integrate telephony to your CRM, support desk and other enterprise apps. You can also track leads generated from your marketing ventures, gather feedback and data through automated outbound calls, make reminder calls to customers and facilitate voice interactivity on websites.

The main benefits our Hosted IVR provides you are the following:

  • Recording, encrypting and securing calls.
  • Storing customer feedback
  • Call logs with rich features to provide you analytics to grasp the behavioral patterns of your customers
  • Providing multiple conference facility with people across the globe, on a single incoming number
  • Ability to integrate with the existing applications
  • Routing incoming calls to the preferred queues, entertaining while in the queue, and providing call statistics to depute agents wisely
  • Transferring call statistics to CRM and changing call distribution settings when needed
  • Transferring inbound calls in sequential, parallel and round-robin manner, making call distribution logic on the basis of caller ID, timings and location
  • Facilities for user-voice confirmation in transactions and to capture key-press inputs as well as speech inputs
  • Robust text-to-speech feature to address your each customer by his//her name and to read the message in human voice
  • Call-routing options to redirect the customer to the agent concerned with his/her specific issue