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knowlaris for Healthcare

Knowlaris for Healthcare

The health care industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry. Healthcare industry is a sector that aims towards the welfare of nation health. In the quest of good health and betterment of society, the industry deploys all the skills and techniques, which helps in achieving the aim. According to the World Health Organization, health care embraces all the goods and services designed to promote health, whether directed to individuals or to population.

Healthcare providers today deal with tighter margins and higher costs. New regulations are on the rise. Insurers drop reimbursements by the day, and patients are left to pay more of their bills. Knowlaris Healthcare Solution is integrated perfectly with your infrastructure, coding, and clinical documentation, to reduce costs and minimize operational disruptions.

The cloud-based nature of our Healthcare solutions means we can give you exactly what you need from your telephony and messaging. There are also many other benefits and reasons to deploy cloud-based solutions, such as
• No need to invest in additional on-premise telecoms equipment
• Technical and maintenance resources are reduced
• Increase or decrease user licenses as needed
• In-built resilience with 99.999% service availability
• Secure any time access via the internet
• Intuitive and user-friendly system
• Powerful real-time Management Information and Business Intelligence
• Improve Contact Centre performance
• Increase operational efficiency and growth
• Audit and monitor compliance obligations
• Ensure service continuity in event of disaster recovery
• Enhance patient care and reputation

Collaboration in the Cloud contributes to the transformation and optimization of communications and exchange systems within companies and offers a unified, simple, practical and effective experience that will enable them to fully realise the assets of their people and processes in order to better serve their customers. That, after all, is one of the fundamental values of the business world.

After we design and install your system we provide comprehensive, on-site system training for administrators and end users. We provide additional advice on better ways to manage your system whenever you need it.

You get a 24-hour support service from Knowlaris. If you have any questions regarding our service capabilities please contact us.

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