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Click 2 Call

Click to Call

Click to Call

Click To Call gives your web site visitors a fast, free and easy means to contact you and prompts them to call you when their appetite to buy is greatest.
The Click-to-Call feature makes it convenient for visitors to find your number and call your business with a single click and convenient for you to convert that visitor into a lead or sale.
Click to Call solution gives you real time and historical reports, allowing you to continuously monitor your operations and organize your contact center for optimum performance. Configurable workflows help you meet your service level agreements and provide a better experience. Leverage your existing telephony infrastructure for quality monitoring.
Today’s customers want information quickly. Be proactive. Let them talk to you. Allowing them to leave your site is leaving money on the table. To generate more leads and satisfy your customers, talk to us NOW!

Seamless Transition

With Tocaso Click to Call , there’s no need for agents to have any additional telephony hardware or download software. Long hold times complaint are eliminated. Customers can request an instant call-back or schedule a specific time and date for a call.

Hosted Solution

This is a completed hosted solution, the only thing you need to do is add a link to your website.

Increase Productivity

A good click-to-call dialer will increase sales touch points, improve caller quality and most importantly, increase sales. It also provides sales managers with analytics that help them to identify best practices of high-performers so that they can be built into the sales process.
Your agents have visibility into the customer’s click stream for the additional data and history they need to deliver higher-quality service. They can prepare for scheduled calls by first reviewing the customer’s complete history. A dynamic Click to Call button can be presented when agents are available to immediately take calls.

Easy to Set Up

We invite you to explore and learn how you can help your website’s sales. We are proud of our solution and want it to work for you.
You don’t require any technical expertise to configure your account. You can also contact our 24/7 support team to setup account for you.

Purely Toll free

International toll free numbers are known for the convenience and business expansion benefits they offer.
Implementing international toll free number for your business is remarkable and you can instantly gain presence in any country or city worldwide. The value received from international toll free numbers are tremendous compared to the monetary investment . Without the need for hardware or on-site employees (if you choose), setting up business international toll free numbers is relatively cheap and extremely effective.

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